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Dear Partner In Learning,

PT Lentera Karya Manajemen (LKM) is a management training and consulting company. As a training organization, LKM has earned a reputation for providing quality consulting, facilitation and training services in the areas of team development, leadership, train the -trainer/ facilitator, strategic planning, work life balance and Personal Excellence.

Our training philosophy is pragmatic in that we marry theory and real world applications, as we seek to improve productivity and garner results using our interactive experiential learning adventures.

Our training solutions have been built to create a custom fit solution for all our partners in learning (clients). Whether it is Leadership Development, Creativity & Innovation or Team Building - we realize that no two companies are ever alike, in fact no two industries are ever alike, and therefore we always have a smart way to provide your organization with a best-fit solution.

Our fees are competitive and we guarantee satisfaction that either meet or exceeds your expectations. Join us in the revolution of learning.

Join us in the commitment to excellence.

Welcome to PT Lentera Karya Manajemen - Where Learning Is An Adventure

Yours sincerely,
Felicius Cordiferanta

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